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Our projects are driven by the desire to support and build community in an effective, collaborative manner. We take on projects that we believe to be important, meaningful, and achievable for our Vincentia community. Where appropriate we work with, and support, local Community Consultative Bodies (CCBS) to achieve positive outcomes for the Vincentia and wider Bay & Basin community. 

Jervis Bay Rd & Princes Hwy

A longstanding project we are most proud of. We've worked to achieve government commitment to upgrade the Jervis Bay Rd & Princes Hwy intersection to ensure safety and efficiency for all traffic using the intersection.

Sustainable Tourism 

Our village and community are increasingly impacted by tourism and the growing numbers of people visiting our area. Our newly formed Tourism Impacts group seeks to advocate for a positive way forward.


Our community is impacted in multiple ways by government, corporations, organisations, tourism, and natural disasters and events. We advocate on behalf of our community to address impacts and seek positive outcomes.

Community Connections

A newly formed sub-committee of Vincentia Matters seeking to build and connect community and enhance wellbeing


Compiling the history of our community, people and places helps us to understand who we are and where we have come from and how best to shape our community going forward.

Vincentia Country Club Future

With the future of the Vincentia Country club at stake, we are working to keep the community informed about decisions made by the owners, St Georges Basin Country Club.


Working with Shoalhaven Tourism to proactively and positively promote our beautiful town and region we volunteer to man a Tourism Pop-up at Vincentia Village during peak holiday times.


We feel a sense of pride in our past achievements including advocacy and support for the completion of the Vincentia pedestrian/bike pathway around Orion Beach,  and..

Burton St Mall Upgrade

Burton St mall has had a face lift. We worked hard to facilitate this. Learn more about the history of the project and how it evolved.

Orion Beach Pathway

The completion of the final section of the The Round the Bay Walk was a significant victory for us. We lobbied hard to support the construction of the path between Minerva Ave and Plantation Point Parade.


Building Community through research, learning, sharing and advocacy

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