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Thank you for your interest in membership of Vincentia Matters Inc.

Our constitution recognises that we are a “membership by invitation” organisation and we welcome new members who come with a desire to join other open-minded residents in aspiring to build a better future for our community. 

Vincentia Matters’ members are 

  • permanent residents of Vincentia

  • from diverse backgrounds 

  • committed to respectfully listening to and exploring others’ points of view 

  • active contributors and participants


We value and respect the unique and diverse talents, abilities, knowledge and experience that members bring to our group and we seek to work in harmony and minimise conflict to achieve positive outcomes. 

We hold general meetings on a quarterly basis, and operate on a financial year for memberships. If your membership application is successful, you are asked to pay a joining fee of $10 per person and a $10 annual membership fee.

If you think you are a good fit and wish to become a VM member we ask you to submit the application form below.

Once received, your application is tabled for the Committee to consider and you receive an invitation to meet informally with two committee members. If we are a good fit, you are invited to become a member and pay your joining and membership fees. 


Please Note: 
We appreciate and respect the time and effort taken to complete an expression of interest but we do reserve the right to refuse membership, without prejudice, to ensure continued harmony and positive outcomes for our community. We do offer associate membership for those who may not fulfil the requirement for full membership.

Membership Application

How did you hear about us?
I am a resident of Vincentia

Thanks for applying. We'll be in touch soon

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